The easiest, most affordable MES could solution for real-time plant visibility 

Simple to set up. Simple to use. 

Easy to maintain


Implement devices with barcode readers at the point of data entry


Place barcode stickers on all of your products & Begin scanning


Configure the bill of materials in EZ-Engine & Start running your reports

Unlimited number of users 

Since EZ-MES pricing is based on a server license, it doesn’t matter how many users are on the system. You have the freedom to add or disable users whenever necessary. 

Workfloor provides valuable information

Our platform offers a wide range of powerful features, including Real-Time Work-in-Process reports, Throughput reports, Complete Product Genealogy, and Full Forward and Backward Traceability. 

Additional features include Statistical Process Control (SPC), automated notifications, recall reports, inventory reports, equipment management, and more. Integrating with WorkFloor is straightforward. 

We provide an extensive Application Programming Interface accessible via a web service, making it easy to connect WorkFloor with your equipment or ERP software. 

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