Explore intuitive tools for effortless stock tracking, valuations, and more. Transition from complexity to efficiency with EZ-Lite Inventory!

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Inventory Features

Enhance Your Accounting Software with Inventory Management

Inventory tracking

Enhance inventory efficiency by improving product storage and preventing overstocking and spoilage

Purchase orders

Create and manage purchase orders, ensuring seamless and accurate inventory replenishment


Track stock movements, optimize space, and automate reorders for seamless operations

Stock Levels

Be able to update stock quantities upon recording sales transactions

Reorder Point

Set up reorder points to ensure you never run out of stock

Storage Locations

Track inventory and monitor goods movement across multiple stock locations

Lifecycle of a Purchase Order: From creation to delivery


Learn more with our FAQ

How do I get started with EZ-Inventory?

To get started with EZ-Inventory, simply get in contact with us and we will set up this Module under your expectations and needs.

Is there a limit to the number of inventory locations tracking?

No, there is no limit to the number of inventory locations you can track with EZ-Inventory. Whether you have one warehouse or multiple sites, our platform allows you to manage stock levels and movements across all locations seamlessly.

Why choose EZ-Inventory?

Choose EZ-Inventory for streamlined, hassle-free inventory management. Our platform optimizes stock tracking, sales, and real-time monitoring of item movement, enhancing both efficiency and productivity in your business operations.

Does EZ-Inv support barcode printing or inventory labels?

Absolutely, EZ-Inventory provides functionality for generating and printing barcode labels directly from the platform, simplifying the process of labeling products for efficient inventory tracking.

How can I get an EZ-Inventory demo?

To request a demo of EZ-Inventory, simply reach out to our customer support team. We'll be happy to provide you with a personalized demonstration of our platform, showcasing its features and capabilities tailored to your business needs.

Can multiple users access EZ-Inventory simultaneously?

Yes, you can create multiple user accounts with different roles and permissions, allowing your team to collaborate efficiently while maintaining control over who can access specific features and data. For example, an Administrator might have full access to all features, while a Salesperson might only be able to create and view sales orders without accessing inventory settings or reports.

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